[Nails] Pink Lemonade color theme

2013-08-22 04.46
Haven’t updated in months 😦 I’m not going to lie.. I forgot about my blog but mainly because I’ve been thinking about franken polishes and other fun stuff. But now I’m going to start blogging and posting my nails more regularly again. This week when I picked these colors I didn’t even notice until I was finished that this reminded me of pink lemonade! Especially since it’s the summer I think this is a perfect combo. I wanted to do designs too but I decided to do a simple glitter gradient (no sponges yay!)
2013-08-22 05.16

For these nails I used:
Sinful Colors- Unicorn
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Coral Reef
Hard Candy- Celebrate Sequins
*Unicorn has difficult to use formula to get good opacity on the nail so I added a true yellow into my bottle so it looks a little different from the original. They’re all drug store brands so they should be easy to find. (Hard Candy is a Walmart exclusive brand and since they don’t have any in NYC my friend gifted this to me, if you’re reading this thank you!!) Celebrate Sequins is packed with micro, hexagon, and square silver holographic glitter. I haven’t seen square glitter in most drug store brands which makes this nail polish really unique to me. Coral reef’s formula is a dream I think you can get away with 1 thick coat but for me, I put it on with 2 thin coats.

2013-08-22 04.41

Left: Indoors no flash Right: Indoors with flash

This is about 1 week into my manicure and you can see the growth but minimal tip wear. What are your favorite summer color combinations?


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One response to “[Nails] Pink Lemonade color theme”

  1. rasilla says :

    That is one week of wear?! Holy crow you are lucky! No matter the brand, they all chip on me in about 2 days. I do find that if I layer them over a soak of gel polish they do take a little longer to show wear and tear…but dang…totally jealous of you 🙂 Anyway it looks great~

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