[Nails] Sinful Colors Glitter Polishes

Here is my (small but growing!) Sinful Colors glitter collection 🙂
I used to be a fan of only glitter nail polishes because they’re the most unique and eye catching but I’m slowly weaning off of them because removal is a nightmare. I tried the glue base coat/peel off method and it didn’t work for me, however the cotton ball and foil method has worked.


Polish names from L to R:
Sinful Colors– Faceted (1139)
Clear base nail polish with dark blue micro glitter and iridescent bar glitter
Sinful Colors– Ice Dream (1140)
Packed with silver micro glitter and larger light blue glitter (can be a one-coat glitter)

Sinful Colors– Green Ocean (220)*
Green toned clear base with green and blue iridescent glitter and flakes
Sinful Colors– Nail Junkie (927)
Turquoise toned base with packed with green/blue/yellow/holographic toned iridescent glitter

Sinful Colors– Show Stopping (1163)
Clear base packed with light pink/holographic glitter
Sinful Colors– Shine On Me (1250)
Clear base with micro iridescent glitter and light pink hexagon/diamond glitter

*Green Ocean (swatched on my middle finger) is considered a flakie but there’s iridescent glitter in it too!


My favorite out of the ones posted would have to be ‘Ice Dream’ (swatched on my pinkie finger) because the light blue and silver glitter together reminds me of winter/holiday season. The most unique is ‘Shine On Me’ (swatched on my index finger) because there’s so many different types/sizes of glitter. I swatched everything over Black & Zoya- Crystal. I wish I could swatch them all but I wanted to keep my ring finger design in tact for EXO’s comeback 😀



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4 responses to “[Nails] Sinful Colors Glitter Polishes”

  1. marvelousmanicures says :

    I have seen a lot of people talk about Sinful Colors polish…where do you buy yours because I have never seen them! 😦

  2. Steph Lau says :

    I really really like your accent nail design… lovely!

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