[Print] 2013 Ilori Collection Catalog Appreciation

I received Ilori’s 2013 eyewear collection catalog in the mail today. Even as a marketing major, I toss any advertisement/direct mail from companies. However, there are exceptions! If it’s high quality and/or designed well. The overall layout of this catalog is minimalist, elegant and modern.


The cover and back is an alternating one-color process printing, white/paper and the spot color is teal. The fonts used were nicely chosen as well, for the cover type in caps is the font Minion, the interior serif font is Bembo (italic), and I haven’t been able to identify the sans serifs accurately. I wish they had more information or credit on who designed them.

The interior is beautifully designed as well.

For Chanel, they have a piece of clear vellum paper (plasticized cotton texture) before the image of the sunglasses, or ‘eyewear’ as they like to call it, with metallic silver type. This clearly showed importance to the page and I did pay more attention to it.


In this close up picture you can see the metallic colored ink used and the transparency of the vellum paper.

Have you ever kept any print material because it was designed well?


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